Calendar of Events

25th Jubilee of Archaeological Festival in Biskupin

open for all

The first Archaeological Festival took place in Biskupin in 1995. Every year we presented different aspects related to Polish and European archaeology, sometimes even from the other parts of the world. You could see Slavs, Vikings, Celts, ancient Romans, Egyptians, Indians of North America or the traditional Japanese culture. The Festival has become our annual tradition and thousands of visitors have taken part in this spectacular event. Today we celebrate the twenty-fifth jubilee and we invite you to celebrate it together.

Because of the jubilee, in this year we will travel in time through the twenty four Festivals which took place in Biskupin. We will see ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. We will learn the everyday life, funeral rites and mummification. We will try to transport a big sandstone block to build the pyramid. In the battlefield we will see how the Roman legions fight with barbarians and adorn the gladiators who enter the arena. In the military camp we will confront their weapon and talk to barbarian peoples: Celts, Goths and Vandals who once lived in the territory of today's Poland. If you are an enthusiast of Middle Ages, you can watch the early medieval warriors fighting in the battlefield, you can admire the special fashion show of early medieval peoples: Slavs, Balts, Vikings and Magyars. You can taste the Baltic and Slavic cuisine and take a cruise on a real Viking boatWe invite you to travel to the Far East with the tea ceremony and traditional costumes of Japan. You can also travel to North America to the Indian village with everyday life presentation, costumes, weapons and Pow-wow dance. Polish archaeologists will present their achievements in the study of the Indian culture.

During the Festival there will be a lot of music, workshops, dances, games and other activities.