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Nordic Tablet Weaving Conference

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Länsmuseet Gävleborg (SE)

The Nordisk Brickvävningskonferens is supposed to be held every other year in the various Nordic countries. The purpose is to meet other tablet weavers, learn more about different  finds, techniques and more. There will be interesting courses with very skilled teachers.

This time we will meet in Gävle, Sweden. Workshops are organized by teachers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.
You sign up for the workshop you wish to attend, but you will also receive a shorter presentation of the other four.

The conference will be held on the weekend, Friday-Sunday  of Sept. 11-13, with joint coffee time and lunch. On Saturday evening there is also an opportunity to partake in an excursion to Vikingagården (the Viking homestead) in Årsunda, (EXARC Member), with a guided tour and a light dinner - see separate notification.

To participate, you need to have woven some bands, understand the terminology and be able to set up your warp for your chosen band in advance.
The cost of the conference will be around SEK 2,000 / person. If we succeed in receiving grants, it will be lower.
Accommodation, visit to Årsunda viking and possibly supper are paid separately. The Viking Association Fafner in Årsunda are the organizer for this: