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World Draft Cattle Symposium

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Following the great success of the Virtual World Draft Animal Congress ("Draft Animals in the Past, Present and Future) in 2021, the World Draft Cattle Symposium will be held in Lorsch (Germany) from March 8-9, 2024.  

The aim of the symposium is to provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary overview of the current state of research and knowledge on the subject of cattle traction (both with bulls, steers and cows) in agriculture, transportation, water supply and crop processing. At the same time, important new concepts on the future importance of draft cattle as working animals in a global context and as part of a sustainable future will be discussed. 

The conference will be divided into a conference day of oral and poster presentations (live and digital) and a hands-on workshop day that will culminate in the premiere of a fascinating new museum exhibit on the cultural history of the yoke worldwide. The workshop day will provide conference participants with practical insights into the various aspects of working with cattle, including different harness systems, training methods or machinery, but also in relation to the manufacture of ox shoes or yokes and collars.

The conference will be followed by a large Field Day on March 10 with different draft animal demonstrations. 

More information and soon to be published registration details can be found at: 
World Draft Cattle Symposium - UNESCO WELTERBE KLOSTER LORSCH (

If you would like to actively participate in the conference with a presentation, poster or workshop, please send us an email ( with a 100-200 word abstract and a brief comment on why you are interested in the conference. If you are interested in presenting virtually, please note your interest. Posters and workshop proposals
can only be submitted for in-person presentations.

Proposals Due: Sept 30, 2023, by 12:00 midnight Central European Time