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Arké Associazione Culturale (IT)

Member of EXARC since

ARKE Experimental Archaeology is a cultural association that operates in Italy in the field of the enhancement, promotion and dissemination of the historical-archaeological heritage. Our primary objective is to facilitate the approach to the cultural heritage through the direct involvement of the users: we propose scale and real reconstructions, living history activities and practical laboratories that simulate craft activities. Each of our operations is preceded by the analysis of available scientific data.


The association was founded in 2004 by members who share an interest in archaeology and practice it at a professional and amateur level. We are technicians, graduates and specialized in archaeology with many years of experience in the field of study, research, promotion and promotion. We have collaborations on a national scale with universities, schools, museums, public and private institutions that have involved us for educational activities, exhibitions, museum displays and reproductions. The experiences made allowed us to gather positive and useful feedback to implement our knowledge and skills.

Experimental Archaeology, the subject of the degree thesis of the President of the Association, was the scientific field in which our interest in the dissemination of the archaeological heritage matured.

The effectiveness of the communication entrusted to a reproduction, represents for us a valid tool for enhancing the cultural heritage. We articulate our work in relation to the correctness of information, adherence to the context of reference, the best involvement and maximum satisfaction.

For us, facilitating knowledge, facilitating understanding and conveying information through reconstructions / reproductions is tourism sustainability centered on local cultural identities and therefore on potential economic development.

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