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Dr Vesna Vuckovic

Member of EXARC since

In the frame of my MA and PhD work I have become familiar with analytical description (at macroscopic scale), and functional analysis of stone artefacts. I have the skill to identify, describe, and analyze signs of use wear at a macroscopical and microscopical level by practising on material from different prehistoric sites from the Central Balkans and Iberia Peninsula. I have also applied basic statistical steps (correspondence analysis, T-test etc.), which allowed me to recognize the main structures underlying microlithic technologies. I have also gained an experience in geo-archaeological research.
During my work on the PhD thesis, I performed several experimental tests mainly on stone, but some other materials such as clay, shell and bone were included.

I am also familiar with experimental archaeology which I have presented during my experimental research and international joint project Crafter related experimental reconstruction of the Bronze Age pottery technology. This work included the field prospection on local clay, stone and sand materials, a well established methodological approach and a series of successful and unsuccessful tests have pointed out the exact blends and ratios of raw materials that are necessary for the production of high-quality Bronze Age pottery of Serbia.