RETOLD: Living Crafts in our Museums

In 2022 we developed banners which explained the project goals and the partners. In 2023 it was time to start working on (one of the) the topics, which is Documenting Houses. The last step was showing the crafts of RETOLD museums members.

We are developing methods to document crafts in museums. We like to share online what is happening out there as there are some pretty amazing craftspeople showing very cool stuff.

RETOLD: Review of the Meeting at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), June 2022

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In June 2022, the first onsite RETOLD project meeting took place in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), hosted, and organised by the Prehistory department. The meeting in Barcelona was important to introduce the RETOLD project to a wider public of specialists and students, and to test the idea of the web-app for the first time with all partners and some expert guests...

RETOLD: Structural Damage Assessment in Berlin

In the museum village Düppel (Berlin, Germany), we are currently carrying out a structural damage assessment to evaluate the condition of our reconstructed houses. The 13 houses were built using methods from experimental archaeology, in the years between 1976 and 2008 according to the model of medieval farmhouses. Care was taken to retain the floor plans of the houses found during excavations and to rebuilt the reconstructed houses in their original locations. As the buildings are exposed to the weather and are often used in the museum, their condition is regularly checked and repairs are carried out.

RETOLD: Media Plan

With the RETOLD project approaching its last year and our product (the App for documenting) expected to be ready by March 2024, we decided to design a communication plan until the end of the project. Through all platforms and by reaching our audience and target groups, we provide weekly explanations about the project, its necessity and the app.

We will show various aspects, which will make it interesting for many. The big launch is scheduled for September 2024 in the Netherlands. So if you are wondering what is happening, keep an eye on our social media. Every week you will find a short blog explaining what we have done, and what is going on right now!

RETOLD: Review of the Meeting at the Stone Age Park Dithmarschen, Albersdorf, September 2023

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At the end of September 2023 the third face-to-face meeting of the partners from the RETOLD-project took place in Albersdorf in Northern Germany, hosted by the Stone Age Park Dithmarschen (Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen). The meeting took place in the recently opened new museum “Stone Age House” and in the open-air area of the Museum...

WANTED: Museums as Guinea Pigs

EXARC is looking for a few open-air museums willing to test our new app in the coming weeks. The app is to document buildings: you mostly use photos and a sequence of questions for the initial setting up of a house, which then is followed by for example notes on maintenance. In the end, this app is meant to manage a digital documentation of the stories of both archaeological open-air museums and historical, skansen-type, open-air museums. 

RETOLD Training in Berlin

Retold is an EU cooperation project where EXARC and partners develop a method for open-air museums to document, digitise and share their stories. One of the avenues is that we create 3D models of the houses in these museums. These models are then dressed with all kinds of information. Our specialists from XYZ Technical Art Services have developed most of our approach.