University of Sheffield (UK)

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The MA Cultural Materials programme in Sheffield provides the choice of three pathways to explore archaeological materials, artefacts and technology; experimental archaeology, analysis of archaeological materials, or material culture studies. 

You will take the modules: 
•    Materialising Culture: Agents, things, and social processes
•    Reconstructing Ancient Technologies: Ceramics
•    Reconstructing Ancient Technologies: Metals
And of course you will take the module experimental archaeology, taught by Dr Roger Doonan. This module provides students with a theoretical and practical knowledge of experimental approaches and the diverse role it fulfils within wider archaeological practice. Major trends and developments in the experimental archaeology are addressed with a focus on the historical role of experimental archaeology. Future research pathways for experimental approaches are identified and their role for informing some of the emerging syntheses within material culture studies. The module has a high practical content with students expected to work in groups.
This unit aims to provide students with a theoretical knowledge of experimental archaeology and the practical skills necessary to undertake a programme of experimental archaeology. It also provides students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to undertake a campaign of experimental archaeology, it shows how experimental reconstruction relates to wider archaeological practice and critically evaluates the historical development of experimental archaeology. The course fosters an appreciation of the central importance of experimental approaches and finally provides a framework for how experimental archaeology can be united with contemporary theoretical concerns so as to influence emerging syntheses within material culture studies and archaeology more widely.

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