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Antiquitates - Centro di Archeologia Sperimentale (IT)

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In the heart of Central Italy there is an ancient land once known with the name of “Etruria”, where you can make a journey through centuries.
Located in this pristine landscape, dominated only by nature, is Antiquitates, an Archaeological Education Park and a Research Centre for Experimental Archaeology, as well as a warm and cosy Guest House where you can spend a relaxing holiday dedicated to nature, equitation and archaeology.

In 1987, with a group of competent collaborators skilled in various subjects, Angelo Bartoli (1943-2014) conceived Antiquitates and in 1988 the Centre for Experimental Archaeology was opened to the public. Angelo dedicated his life to satisfying his many curiosities. He focused his interests on the experimental archaeology, and specifically on archaeometallurgy, becoming a real “archaeo-technician”.
But the main research wasn’t enough for him, and he wanted also to share his knowledge and what he learned in so many years with people. For this reason he created Antiquitates, a Centre able to lead research but also communicate it through a variety of educational activities both for adults and children. The Centre, located in Civitella Cesi of Blera, started its activities with the experimentation of Villanovan and Etruscan forms of daily life (9th - 8th century BC).
The long experience matured in teaching, and scientific research has enabled the creation of many reconstructions relating to these periods, such as a Villanovan huts equipped to give accommodation during school-camps, and many Etruscan artefacts.
Successively the research investigated many other historical periods so that in the Park it is also possible to admire the reconstruction of a Neolithic hut and two wooden pirogues inspired by the archaeological finds of the VI millennium B.C. village “La Marmotta” (Anguillara Sabazia, Rome, IT).
The educational activities also include many reconstructions and workshops dedicated to different periods, from Palaeolithic to Early Middle Ages. Antiquitates has officially collaborated since 2015 with the Opera Nazionale Montessori and all the educational programs are designed with the Montessori scientific pedagogical method.
On the other hand, Antiquitates is also a Research Centre for Experimental Archaeology and from the academic point of view it has carried out various restitutions, especially in the archaeometallurgical field. The Centre has maintained partnerships with different Italian Universities and Soprintendenze (government archaeological offices), with whom it has collaborated on various events, workshops and exhibitions. Antiquitates is an official partner of CNR (Italian National Research Council, Rome) in the Italian Archaeological Mission in Cyprus (early/middle Bronze Age settlement in Pyrgos-Mavroraki, Limassol - CY) dealing with all experimental restitutions (archaeometallurgy, pottery, perfumes and cosmetics, textiles...etc.).
Antiquitates supports students and young scholars who wish to carry out research in experimental archaeology, offering a functional tutor-service.
There have been recurrences of the International Conference on Experimental Archaeology held at the Centre since 2003.


Antiquitates – Centro di Archeologia Sperimentale
Civitella Cesi Blera (VT)
01010 Blera (VT)
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Fig 1. Neolithic Hut
Fig 2. Internal view of the Neolithic Hut
Fig 3. Experimentation of early-middle...
Fig 4. Experimentation of early-middle...
Fig 5. Architectural Decorative Plate from...
Fig 6. Etruscan Biga from Vulci (Montalto di...
Fig 7. Experimentation of Roman lamps
Fig 8. Experimentation of a Coal
Fig 9. Polishing an axe
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