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Association for Protection of Heritage, Archaeology and Museums of Vila do Conde (APPA-VC) (PT)

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The aim of APPA-VC is to study, protect and disseminate local heritage through research, conservation, excavation, management of archaeological sites and education. We are a group of professionals of archaeology, history, conservation, architecture, psychology, sculpture and biology acting specifically on Vila do Conde city's Heritage.


The association has been providing field-works with local, national and international volunteers since 1994, promoting cultural and archaeological knowledge and care. Also, we provide archaeological educational service at schools and archaeological sites, particularly at Cividade de Bagunte, dating from the Iron Age and Roman period. Apart from that, since 1996 we have been making archaeological experiments, mainly in co-operation with a foundry center (CINFU), ceramists (César Teixeira) and sculptors (Moisés Tomé) recreating activities and objects in order to demonstrate the processes and results. These partnerships also sustain and develop local economy and ethnographic tradition.
Currently we are focused on tending the landscape of the mount of Cividade de Bagunte, and also creating archaeological field camps for children, where archaeological contexts are simulated. In addition we are also organizing archaeological field camps for training university students.
Also we support the recovering of the historic and traditional techniques and tecnhologies of shipbuilding developed until the 19th century. This subject is also part of the educational service we provide.
In 2019 we started a project on Living History with the aim of valuing and sharing the Castro Culture.

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