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ArchExperience (IT)

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The ArchExperience association was born in 2020 from the long experience of Paolo Medici, Eliza Winkler and Jennifer Quistini, in the fields of archeology, crafts and the study of reconstructive techniques of archaeological finds. The goal is to intrigue and bring as many people as possible into the world of archeology and prehistoric techniques.


It was founded in Valcamonica, home of rock engravings, the first Unesco site in Italy. A place of history, culture, art, biodiversity, food and wine, that allow you to live the incredible nature, to visit rock art parks, Roman sites and castles, a place that contains the human adventure from prehistoric times to the present day in a few kilometers. Inspired by this context, the founders of ArchExperience offer a wide range of activities to bring the general public closer to Prehistory, in a dynamic and immersive way.

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