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Andrea La Torre

Member of EXARC since

I am a prehistoric archaeologist and I have always been interested in experimental archeology and historical re-enactment. I studied Archaeology first at the University of Modena and then at the University of Bologna where I graduated with Prof. Maurizio Cattani with a thesis in experimental archeology on ceramics. In particular, I studied the various phases of the prehistoric pottery chaîne opératoire, focusing on the surface treatment and its functionality.
During my studies I worked as guide and educational-didactic operator at the “Parco archeologico e Museo all’aperto della Terramara di Montale”, where I still work as a collaborator for demonstrations and experiments. At Montale I also knew Claudio Cavazzuti, Federico Scacchetti and Luca Pellegrini, who were already working together as "Tre di Spade", and I started to work with them in bronze casting.
I worked on pottery and bronze but I am interested in many ancient technologies, especially with an experimental approach.