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Dr Cozette Griffin-Kremer

Member of EXARC since
Crafts & Skills

Associate Researcher at the Centre de Recherche Celtique et Bretonne with a doctorate in Celtic Studies (Université de Bretagne Occidental) and an advanced degree in the history of techniques (EHESS, Parsi), I try to combine archival sources, including literature, with hands-on inquiries into techniques and work, calendar studies, food history, plant-related traditons and museum practices. Former secretary general of the AIMA (International Association of Agricultural Museums) and presently responsible for the twice-yearly newsletter, which includes networking with friends such as EXARC. As a participant in the European Science Foundation project EARTH (Early agricultural remnants and technical heritage), I had the pleasure of working with (and watching closely) many archaeologists, archaeobotanists and archaeozoologists. Present on-going projects include how open-air museums handle the in-house use of working animals and the issues involved.