Individual Members

Dasha Derzhavets

Member of EXARC since
the Netherlands

As a multifaceted craftsperson I have always been interested in the ''making of" anything really, but more specifically tools, practical objects and decoration. Working with ceramics and incense during my BA ignited more of the interest in experimental archaeology.

Organics, specifically plant, are my most used material and I am always on the lookout for new and interesting ways of processing. This includes processing of plants for basketry or other woven objects, processing for textile fibres, preparation of food and food related tools, finding easy and practical ways for quick fixes both food and non-food related, and much more.

Techniques of fermentation is something with which I am experimenting at home, both ranging in cultural recipes as well as the tools I use for it. With more modern tools I practice carving of various soft and hard materials.

Currently I am completing my masters in microremains and experimental archaeology focused on the possibilities of exploitation of starchy wild plants during the Late Pleniglacial (Post LGM) period in the Black Sea Region.

Additionally, I try to take archaeology to the classroom and teach primary schools through workshops or incorporate all I learn through archaeology and crafting in my Nature and Science classes.