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Dr Cristiano Brandolini

Member of EXARC since

I started dealing with archaeology in the 90s, during my university studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the Institute of Archaeology of the State University, both in Milan, Italy. My main fields of work and research are in the prehistoric, protohistoric and early medieval period with particular attention to Celts, Lombards and Germanic populations. I have a long experience in archaeological excavations, study, research, archaeological design and historical reconstruction. I worked on experimental archaeology to study the firing of ceramics in prehistoric times and the processing of leather in the early Middle Ages. I study and reproduce objects for archaeological museums, I collaborate with the Varese Civic Museums, the Como Civic Museum and many others. I am President of the Insubria Antiqua Association, which deals with history, archaeology and Re-enactment, from Prehistory to the early Middle Ages. I am a member of The Vikings Re-enactment Society and I am an Authenticity Officer, as well as Coordinator of the Authenticity Officers of the Italian Section. I am a member of the editorial team of Terra Insubre magazine. Territorial culture and identity. I have many publications and articles on history and archeology to my credit.