Matilda Siebrecht cand. PhD

Member of EXARC since
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m.i.siebrecht [at]
the Netherlands

I completed my MA Archaeology from the University of Aberdeen in 2014, for which I completed a dissertation looking at the possible uses of seaweed in Viking Age Metallurgy. This research used experimental methods working with seaweed in an iron-age style forge (provided by EXARC member Dave Budd). This research produced interesting results documenting the potential use of seaweed as a flux, tar, or possible hallucinogenic aid for blacksmiths in the past.
After working in commercial archaeology for a year, I completed my MSc in Material Culture Studies at Leiden University, where I specialised further in experimental archaeology combined with microwear analysis. My focus for my research thesis was manufacturing techniques of prehistoric amber beads, which I expanded on further in a smaller-scale project investigating the manufacturing process of stone and bone beads from the Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk. I am particularly interested in the manufacturing techniques of ancient objects.
My current PhD project expands further on my experience with experimental archaeology and microwear analysis, however my current region of focus is the prehistoric Dorset Culture of the eastern Canadian Arctic. As part of my PhD, I will be investigating the bone, anter, and ivory tools from this culture, looking at themes such as exchange, childhood learning and skill, craftsmanship, and perceptions of value.