Parc Archéologique Asnapio (FR)

With a preparation time between 1988 and 2001, the municipality of Villeneuve d’Asq aimed for an important and attractive open air museum. Here, based on general information instead of specific sites, prehistoric and medieval houses are presented as well as the people constructing them and living there.

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There is a cooperation with ESAMP in England, known for the many house reconstructions they built.

The earliest examples of living areas Palaeolithic tents made of animal skins. As many of the houses are covered by trees and bushes, one might miss the Bronze Age roundhouse or the small Iron Age houses. The Roman Era building is actually that large that it cannot be missed. The ‘latest’ dwellings are medieval like constructed ones. All in all there are many houses to visit and besides the demonstrations and workshops, plenty to see. Activities are about textiles, excavation, pottery, nourishment and construction of houses. There is much attention for scientific research.

The groups of houses are situated such, that they are well fit for working with school groups, the most important visitors, coming from far away.

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