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Culinary Archeon

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Market / Fair
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the Netherlands

Pierre Wind is busy both days with insect appetizers from prehistoric times, Roman dishes for young and old, and the medieval roast.

If you lived in the mesolithic, you were mainly busy hunting and collecting. You ate fish, small game, nuts and roots from shrubs or fruits. In Archeon, hunter-gatherers are busy roasting wild boar, but they also do not shy away from eating insects. These are very nutritious! Try to eat a mealworm yourself if you dare!

The first farmers are busy baking bread and making cheese and a type of beer is already being brewed!

In Roman times, snacks were prepared in the street for the busy Romans on the way. Taste the delicious culinary delights that the Romans brought to our country, or have a chat with the wine merchant who praises his goods. Taste the same food and drink what senators ate two thousand years ago. Enjoy Libum, Roman bread, Posca - easy-to-make soldier wine and Roman 'poffertjes' for the children.

In the Middle Ages the daily fare is a stew or porridge, supplemented with fresh bread from the bakery and of course beer from the monastery! Fish is smoked by the fisherman and 'kniepertjes' are baked for the children. But the well-to-do middle class wants a bit more luxury, they prefer to eat a dinner with several courses, where it is very important that the food looks as expensive as the taste is good!

Tasting card
With the tasting card you can taste the culinary snacks from prehistory, Roman times and the Middle Ages yourself! The tasting card will be available online and at the entrance in due course.