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Ian Dennis

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United Kingdom
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Started experimental work in 2006, researching the antler combs from the Norse site on Bornais, South Uist, Scotland. Looking at construction methods and techniques observed on the combs (with emphasis on the tools used to make them which seems to have been overlooked) and the material waste found from comb production, soon to be published in the 3rd Bornais volume by Prof Niall Sharples. Reexamined the Mesolithic Star Carr frontlets and made 5 replicas using only flint tools based on the ones found there (we are now writing up this work to publish). This all ties in into our outreach and engagement activities as Guerilla Archaeology led by Dr J. Mulville at various venues across the UK, which brings experiential and experimental archaeology to the public. Most recently I am looking into the making and use of antler bracelets found in late Roman and Early Medieval contexts. This technique of using one piece of an antler strip to form a complete circle which is then riveted and decorated, this McGregor describes in his 1985 publication as being as to date an unknown technique. This has now been done and I will be recording the process visually and writing up for a small publication and presentation. Some of the recent work done can be seen on the Guerilla Archaeology website and the Cardiff University website.