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Mauro Fiorentini

Member of EXARC since

I graduated in Cultural Heritage Management with a thesis on Anthropology in 2011. I published two articles with EXARC (2013-2 and 2018-3) and a book published in 2018 ("I guerrieri Piceni"). Since 2007, I have focused on experimental archaeology, forging iron and working amber trying to better understand the Iron Age culture of my region, which is the Picenian culture.

I have founded the group "Arte Picena" in 2012 along with a colleague and have left it in 2018. I have founded the cultural group "MF Riproduzioni Storiche - 2007" in 2016 and am currently operating together with my fiancée Nicia in the fields of experimental archaeology, divulgation and teaching in schools, museums and such.