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Ronja Lau

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My name is Ronja Lau, I studied prehistoric archaeology at the Freie Universität Berlin and since my Bachelor degree I'm dealing with textile archaeology and experiments concerning textile research. In my Master thesis I worked with old mineralized textile finds from Iron Age burials in Slovenia and gained knowledge from those finds, which can be used for future experiments or research. Combining science, archaeology and experimenting is essential when working with prehistoric textile finds. In addition I am in a living history group since 2008 working on different outfits and periods like: 1066 Franko Flämisches Kontigent (Battle of Hastings), the Viking Period, Estonian/Baltic Iron Age and the Hallstatt period. Most of the dresses are sewn, woven and made by me, which I represent on different events. As I am going to stay in the field of textile research, experimental archaeology will be important while working.