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Museum Theatre in Greece: Perspectives in Site Interpretation

Foteini Venieri 1,2,3 ✉,
Niki Nikonanou 4
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Museum theatre as an umbrella-term is used to describe a variety of performative events aimed to interpret fragments of cultural heritage. In the framework of one of the main challenges contemporary museums face, that of having a social impact while dealing with heritage, whom values and narratives can always be “contested and disputed” (Smith 2011, 70), museum theatre has proved that not only can it enforce a constructivist approach in a museum environment but it can also generate debate and promote critical thinking on controversial issues (Farthing 2010).

Putting on a Show - The How and Why of Historical Shows and Theatre in a Historical Setting or Theme-park

Jaap Hogendoorn 1 ✉,
Erik Collinson 2
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As long as people have walked the earth, stories have been told; from stories around the campfire told by older people to entertain and educate the young, to 15th century knights dressing up as Romans during themed tournaments. Telling a story is putting on a little show; a show is a great way to tell a story... Including Spartacus in Archeon by Erik Collinson