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The VIA SCIPIONIS Project Outdoor Travelling Experimental Archaeology and Re-enactment

José Miguel Gallego Cañamero 1 ✉,
Eduard Ble Jimeno 2,
P. Valdes Matias 3,
Javier García Pérez 4
Publication Date
In August 2015 the first rendition of an experimental archaeology project was held, for the first time in Spain. The objective was to study the problems faced by the Roman Republican legions from the second Punic War during their marches. This project, named VIA SCIPIONIS, captured an historical episode...

A Broken Leg in the Year 1350: Treatment and Prognosis

Wiel van der Mark 1
Publication Date
It is the year 1350 in Gravendam (the medieval town of the archaeological open-air museum, (AOAM) Archeon, in the Netherlands). Master Roelof, a wood-and-bone processor, lies unconscious on the stone floor. Shortly before this, he had been climbing the ladder to the attic to grab a log of wood, but it slipped from under him and he ended on the floor...