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Morten Kutschera MA

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I'm an experimental archaeologist and replica-maker based in Bergen, Norway. Since about 1990, I've been working with public archaeology, giving lectures and flint knapping demonstrations at museums all over Norway. I have been one of the pioneers when it comes to teaching prehistory through activity based teaching, and my ideas and replicas are widely used in teaching programs for children all over Norway.
Within the field of academic archaeology, my main focus used to be on lithic technology and the Early Mesolithic and Late Upper Palaeolithic industries of North-western Europe. However, although I started out as a flint knapper and a Stone Age scholar, I have over the years become more of a generalist and I now produce a wide range of different tools, weapons, accessories and utensils of stone, bone, antler and wood from Early Stone Age to Medieval times (To a lesser degree I experiment with clothing, pottery and metalwork). I try to combine authenticity and attention to details with functionality; it is not enough that a replica looks good if it wasn't produced in the right way or can't be used for the task it was meant for.
My replicas can be found in museums all over Norway, and also in Denmark. Because of my background, my main focus has been on Scandinavian archaeology and material culture, but lately I have been taking on more international projects.