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Spyros Bakas MA

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Spyros Bakas is among the first to introduce and promote Living History in Greece in 2002. Since then, he has participated, organised and directed numerous Experimental Archaeology as well as Living History projects in Greece and worldwide.
In 2007 he co-founded “Koryvantes”, an Association of Historical Studies with worldwide academic research and experimental archaeology activity on the History of Greek Warfare (12 century BC to the 15 century AD).
He has lectured extensively around the world on Experimental Archaeology, Ancient Greek Warfare and Traditional Archery (i.e. Daejeon Korea 2010, University of Warsaw 2010, Viminacium Museum in Serbia 2012, EXARC Organisation in Denmark 2012). He has written or co-written many articles, some of which have been published in British Archaeology Report (Archaeopress), Sidestone Press, Institute of Belgrade Archaeological Journal (Archaeology and Science) and WTAF Publishing (Daejeon, Korea).
He has participated in extensive archaeological missions conducted by the University of Warsaw, in Palazzolo Acreide (Sicily/Italy) and Sterdyn (Poland).
He did his MA at Warsaw University with an emphasis on Late Mycenaean Armour and Weapons.