12th EXARC meeting

March 16th - 18th, 2007, EXARC met in Pitlochry, Scotland. This was a meeting, hosted by the Scottish Crannog Centre. EXARC members were observers during the 2nd liveARCH conference themed with "the dialogue with visitors". The conference was a great success and included an intensive workshop on interpreting history / archaeology as well as a one day conference with several presentations from various countries about the dialogue with visitors. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), a Board was installed to look into improving the EXARC constitution. This should enable EXARC to grow in the years to follow. Besides that, it should offer solutions to matters of defining ‘our kind of museums’ as well as being able to assess if our (prospective and current) members fall within such a definition. Maybe in the future, not only will we be able to state if an organisation fits our definitions or not, but will we be able to offer tools for self assessment and individual improvements. The Board convened in September in Denmark and advises the board. After the AGM, the board counted 10 members from the ‘far north’ of Europe until the ‘deep south’.