Zeitgeist “rocks” for the 1st time, between megaliths

14-17 September 2010
In a productive two-day meeting, representatives of all six partners and of EXARC jointly made a detailed work program how to ‘do what we promised Brussels’. We were happy to have our application accepted, but now it comes down on us ourselves! It was not so hard to look through the application and the rules and see how we effectively could go and meet each other and work on the themes we had planned. After a quick talk on finances, we also settled how to cover for our joint costs and decided, in order to have as many as possible staff travelling, to try and take other decisions by email or halfway the project. We even had time for a good excursion, visiting several megaliths and discussing how these were interpreted for adult (individual) visitors by the local host and project coordinator, the Hunebedcentrum.