2020 European Archaeology Days

On 19-21 June 2020 we celebrated the European Archaeology Days (EAD), introduced on European scale in 2019, and here to stay!

The EAD is a long weekend, every year in June to raise awareness and familiarise European audiences with all aspects of archaeology. A variety of events attracts families, schools, students, history enthusiasts, museum visitors, as well as merely curious participants to discover this multifaceted discipline and their archaeological heritage. 

Originally, several events were planned: visits to archaeological sites usually closed to the public, meetings with archaeology professionals presenting about their profession, a range of entertaining and educational activities, cultural walks in the city or countryside, and many more. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the EAD 2020 were transformed. Museums unfolded their creativity with unique virtual festivities for their public. This was combined with in real life events on small scale. The 2020 European Archaeology Days offered more than 1,000 activities. EXARC members organised 18 EAD events, of which 9 virtual, all together in 13 of the 28 participating countries. 

The European Archaeology Days continue on social networks by following the hashtag #Archeorama.