All contracts signed

We spent September and October to update the information which the Agency required, we added a new partner and made a new contract between all partners. The project now has a number: 507458. Today, after 2 months of communication with the agency and with the partners and local authorities, the final stamps and signatures have been placed and we can say “OpenArch is ON”. The official start date of the project is the 1st of January 2011. From January 2011 on, 10 archaeological open-air museums and EXARC will join under the leadership of the Ciutadella Ibèrica in Catalonia for a 5 year cooperation project. When in February 2010 we had heard our application had failed on 1 percent, August 2010 we got the good news that OpenArch was accepted after all.

There will be a kick off meeting by the end of that month in Calafell where all 11 partners will discuss how to get things started. The team which prepared the application together with the partners (existing of 5 people from 3 countries) will now also prepare the start of OpenArch so everyone will know what we can do, when and with what results. It is an exciting moment for us all – now it becomes real!

More information here.