Archaeology is Booming

In 2019, the first European Archaeology Days took place. The initiative was taken by INRAP (FR) and included several national and international organisations, including EXARC. 

In early December, INRAP called for a conference in the European Archaeology Days (EAD) and their future. Almost one hundred people convened in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris (FR). Examples were shared from Lithuania, Slovenia and Italy, but also from countries with similar Archaeology days, such as the Netherlands and Belgium. 

EXARC was represented by its director Mr. Paardekooper and our EAD officer, Ms. Papagiannaki. We discussed the international perspective of this event and its challenges. The EAD has a huge potential — not only in all museums which are EXARC members — but also online, as long as we also seek relevance. 

It was good to meet colleagues from all over Europe and EXARC thanks INRAP for taking this initiative and hosting the exchange of ideas. We expect to see many people enjoying archaeology again in 2020!