Brazil closer to EXARC

Around Midsummer, we had the chance to meet with the Pequi do Cerrado Institute from Brazil (IPCE) and the director of Kasteel Heeswijk to discuss cooperation. EXARC was represented by Maria Josefina Villanueva and Roeland Paardekooper, IPCE was present in the person of Lucas Bernalli, and Luc Eekhout, Kasteel Heeswijk, hosted the meeting. 

IPCE has a modern, progressive approach which includes people from many different backgrounds, helping the local community in the Minas Gerais region forward, keeping an eye on the very diverse background, on sustainability and much more. Mr. Bernalli unfolded his plans for the future, aiming at international cooperation. We had the chance to go in depth into these ideas, seeing the added value for us in such a cooperation, and looking at a larger framework. Many ideas which are part of the current suggestions for what museums should aim for, are part of these plans. We strongly believe that if EXARC will be active in Brazil or Latin America as a whole, we need to listen carefully to what is relevant to our colleagues on the ground there. The ideas look very promising.