Now Online: the Butser Ancient Farm Archive 1973-2007

EXARC is excited to present a new addition to the EXARC Experimental Archaeology Collection, Butser Ancient Farm Archive 1973-2007 (, which preserves publications by Dr. Peter Reynolds, founding Director of Butser Ancient Farm.

Butser Ancient Farm was founded in 1973 as a place to conduct research into Prehistoric & Roman Agriculture and Building Techniques through experimentation. Christine Shaw, who oversees the archive, generously contributed these materials to the EXARC collection. EXARC thanks her for her dedication to preserving the Butser Ancient Farm Archive.

The archive is part of EXARC’s Experimental Archaeology Collection, a place for sharing and preserving data and results of experimental archaeology. The collection currently consists of citations from the EXARC bibliography, developed by Dr Roeland Paardekooper, and the collection is managed by Dr Jodi Reeves Eyre. EXARC seeks to work with universities, museums, and researchers to upload their experimental archaeology data, publications, and grey literature into the collection. If you or your institution are interested in contributing materials to the collection, please contact Reeves Eyre at