Call for Papers: Experimental Archaeology at the #EAA in Barcelona

Please join our experimental archaeology session at the EAA in Barcelona 5-8 September! This will be the largest convention of archaeologists in Europe this year, an excellent platform for your experimental archaeological projects. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 19 February. Please contact us if you like to join and we will guide you through the system. More information on the EAA Conference:

Our session abstract is as follows:

What we are learning from experimental archaeology?
EAA session #199

Experimental archaeology is the process of forming and testing hypotheses by replicating an action, leading to statements on the construction, use or discard of an archaeological object or feature. A hands-on immersive comparison with the past is created. But archaeology is more than a simple answer to “who were the people who lived here in the past”.
This session discusses the way experimental archaeology taught us ways we can learn insights from the archaeological past relevant for the present, in German: Gegenwartsrelevanz. Can we make concrete as tough as the Romans did? Austrian contractors for example are looking with interest into archaeological experiments. Were Bronze Age houses with insulated double walls “smarter” then current sustainable building techniques? Are Stone Age ways of food preservation the new hit because these are healthier than what we find in the supermarket?
We look for case studies as well as a thorough discussion about the use of experimental archaeology beyond the simple reinvention of techniques.

Session organisers:
Roeland Paardekooper PhD, EXARC (NL)
Prof Harold Mytum PhD, University of Liverpool (UK)

Willing to present? email us at