Carare, how we can go Digital

CARARE is a European network on digital archaeological and architectural heritage. They cooperate closely with Europeana, the EU digital platform for cultural heritage. On June 28, the CARARE group ( met for a one-day workshop in Amersfoort (NL). The program consisted of nine presentations and was attended by about 50 people from all over Europe. 

Mr Alkemade presented his ideas how we can take inspiration from the past to tackle problems of the present, notably climate change. He used Holland as example, showing how the network of rives and channels was much more dese in the 17th century – and we would need that again today. 

Ms Fernie, Secretary of CARARE, presented all possibilities of the still very young network which CARARE is. They are partner in, a project to make digital contents available, using 3D online models. Daniel Pletinckx went into great detail about this method. 

Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director, presented about digital methods in interpretation in open-air museums. Museums often use VR and AR because “everybody else is doing it so why can’t we?” However, if we bring the digital professionals in closer cooperation with museum professionals, if we start from the context and do not jump to conclusions straight away, then there will be no need to argue anymore. Paardekooper’s Powerpoint, made with plenty of advice from EXARC members and beyond, can be found here:

The CARARE meeting gave EXARC good contacts for EXARC and its members to go digital in a meaningful way. Next meeting will be in Berlin in June 2020. 

Photo by Kate Fernie