Coaching for EXARC - Sesam Academy

Often EXARC advises museums or answers all kind of questions from members and non-members alike. However, EXARC itself is going through challenging times and we decided to ask advice ourselves.

The Sesam Academy in the Netherlands offers exactly that. They consist of retired managers and professionals from among others the museum sector who offer their expertise to volunteer organisations like EXARC.

Often, the welcome discussions with our Sesam Coaches are confronting and give us more food for thought. We hope to discuss the results of these discussions at the Annual General Meeting in Berlin in March.

Goals are to develop a plan, answering questions such as: 

Who are we and what do we stand for?
What are our goals?
How do we reach those and with which partners?
Which means will we use to achieve this, in which time period?

Important themes are identity, member recruitment, organisation and financing.