Conference on Experimental Archaeology at Lake Constance

The annual German conference in experimental archaeology, known as the EXAR-Tagung, took place in late September at the Lake Dwelling Museum at Lake Constance, South Germany. It attracted 120+ participants, mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, to listen to 26 papers and see several posters. As usual, the breadth of topics was very wide and included more than just straightforward experimental archaeology. About four papers discussed beekeeping and the use of beeswax through the ages. Several experienced freelancers showed beautiful reconstruction projects or gave a “how to” about their profession (bronze casting, ceramics). The yearbook with all papers from the previous year was presented and on the final day, delegates were treated on an outstanding series of demonstrations of several ancient techniques in the host museum, the Lake Dwelling Museum Pfahlbauten. Next year the conference will take place in the Roman City Carnuntum, Austria.

Copyright Photo: Pfahlbaumuseum/Jaeckle