Conference on reconstruction “in situ” - 17th EXARC Meeting

17th EXARC Meeting, International Archaeological Meeting of Calafell

March 2011, EXARC convened for the 17th time, this time in Calafell, Catalonia, Spain. We could go along with the 6th international archaeology meeting of Calafell, a biannual conference. The speakers came from all directions: 11 countries were represented. Most papers were from non-EXARC members which made it even more interesting. The organisers had been able to attract a few “top of the bill” speakers, only made possible thanks to generous funding. With about 75 participants from about 15 countries, this was a very varied group of people and presentations.

Papers included presentations about APX Xanten (DE), Eketorp Fort (SE), Guedelon Castle (FR), Biskupin Museum (PL), Colonial Williamsburg (US), the Archaeological Park Carnuntum (AT), the Roman fortresses at Arbeia and Segedunum (UK), Neolithic dwellings at Tumba Madzari (MK), Iron Age roundhouses at Castell Henlys (WLS) and the Bronze Age site of Parco Montale (IT).

On March 12 EXARC had its AGM, with 19 people present.