Cooperation with ICOM Germany

Together with ICOM Germany, EXARC approached over 40 archaeological open-air museums in Germany to invite them to join our organisations.

The occasion arose with EXARC hosting its Conference in Berlin soon and ICOM-Germany meets with ICOM Denmark in Hamburg also in March.

EXARC’s conference theme is “Documentation Strategies in (Archaeological) Open-Air Museums”, where ICOM’s theme is “Changing Interpretations, Meanings and Concepts of Heritage”. Connected to that is a member forum "the ICOM-Museum definition of the 21st century" and a meeting of Young Museum Professionals.

These meetings showcase how both international networks can be of benefit to open-air museums. Museums have no borders, museums are linked. ICOM is a powerful network of over 45,000 members worldwide, and ICOM Germany is one of the largest concentrations of members, just like ICOM Netherlands and ICOM France.