Crowdfunding Bostel di Rotzo (IT)

Bostel di Rotzo (IT)

The Protohistoric village of Bostel di Rotzo (VI - Italy) participates in a crowdfunding campaign supported within the @Artistic project - Interreg Central Europe of the Veneto Region for the protection of the intangible cultural heritage.

The Bostel di Rotzo is located in the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni on a well-defended plateau where the Assa and the Astico valleys meet, north of Vicenza and only a few kilometers from Asiago. Bostel di Rotzo is the first permanent village in the 'Sette Comuni Altopiano' to have been steadily settled by ancient people throughout the second half of the Iron Age (5th – 1st century BC). Read more about the park.

With your help, Bostel di Rotzo can:

  • Extend the themed games in the park
  • Construct fences [for the safety of a new part of the park]
  • Set up the picnic area
  • Create new workshops for both real and virtual experiential educational activities
  • Include and renovate the lighting [for safety and evening usability]
  • Set up a new museum area
  • Build new experimental archaeological reconstructions

How? Decide how much you want to donate and discover your reward here: