A delegation of EXARC in USA

A delegation of EXARC has attended the first conference of RE-ARC in the United States. RE-ARC is an association on reconstructive and experimental archaeology. Many of their Board of Directors have a history with the Society of Primitive Technology, a long standing network founded by among others Errett Callahan. EXARC met some friendly colleagues in experiment and reconstruction on the other side of the pond and we hope to strengthen communication in several ways.
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Inquiry-Learning and Outdoor Education by Christina Schindler You meet adult learning strategies everywhere. When in America, we made contact with Christina Schindler who had written about Inquiry-Learning and Outdoor Education - spot on, we said and we spent a good deal talking. Her family is active in a large network on outdoor education, concerning primitive technology among others. She shared some old but still valuable information with us, which you can find in the attachment.