EMBODIES - EU Horizon 2020 Project sent to Brussels

EXARC is member of a consortium, applying for an EU Horizon 2020 grant by the name of EMBODIES. EMBODIES ambition is to research the potential of current technologies and devices in supporting social and embodied interactions with the aim to propose a concrete set of requirements and specifications, allowing broader audiences to interact in a variety of contexts, including informal learning, entertainment and well-being applications, aiming to deepen human connections within the group, cultivating social and historical empathy, and supporting humans affective interaction and inclusion. To do so, the project will create a platform which will allow the wider community of Cultural and Creative industries to develop new social and embodied experiences for group activities. The platform and tools will be tested within the context of particular use-cases and proof-of-concept experiences for both cultural (tangible and intangible cultural heritage objects and sites) and creative industries contexts (e.g. music industry).

EXARC will try out Mixed Reality techniques creating group experiences in archaeological open-air museums. These test cases will lead to an (open access) engine which can be used in similar cases once the project is over.