Annual General Meeting 2020 in Berlin (DE)

On March 26, starting at 16:30h, EXARC will host its Annual General Meeting, during the EXARC Conference. Location: Freie Universität Berlin on Fabeckstr. 23-25, Berlin.

#UPDATE: since the Conference will not take place in Berlin but online, the AGM too, is changed to an online activity, see: Annual General Meeting by E-Mail.  




  • Establishing that the AGM is able to take decisions. 
  • Verifying that the meeting was called early enough. 
  • Verifying that the agenda for the meeting is agreed. 

Annual and Financial Report of the Previous Year
These can be found at

Auditors’ Report on the Previous Year’s Finances

Appointing new Board Members
Members are welcome to step forward. 

Appointing new Auditors
Members are welcome to step forward. 

Presentation of the Plan for the Forthcoming Year
These can be found, latest 3 weeks ahead, at

Adoption of a Budget for the Forthcoming Year and setting the Annual Contribution
The suggestion for the annual contribution is twofold.

  • For individual members, we suggest to extend the reduced fee which currently is for students only, to unwaged people as well (including retired people). 
  • For institutional members, the suggestion is not to look anymore at what country a member is in, but base the fee they pay on their annual turnover. We expect to include three categories: those below 30,000, those above 250,000 EUR a year and the ones in between. The lowest category would pay towards 80 EUR, and the highest category towards 300 EUR. The changes, especially for the highest category, would be spread over several years. 

The current fee structure can be found here:

Any Other Business