EXARC Journal 2022/1 online

The first issue of the EXARC Journal in 2022 (2022/1) was published in February and includes ten reviewed articles as well as three unreviewed mixed matter articles.

The reviewed articles are providing a broad spectrum of experiments throughout periods, materials and approaches. They come from all different corners covering the issues which might interest a broad public. Pilot fires: Preliminary Report from Interdisciplinary Actualistic Fire Experiments, written by Silje Bentsen et al reports on “a multi-focus experimental approach in order to understand complex fire practices”. Sara Maria Stellacci looks at different types of needles in her article Different Types of Needles for Specific Uses? Experimental Reproductions of some Finds from Aradetis Orgora, Georgia. David Jones and Emma Herbert-Davies discuss the usage of horse armour in their article Evaluation of Mail Horse-Armour. In the article Acutus’ Eagle Bone and Two Bone Tubes with Holes Found in a Roman Fleet Base in the Netherlands – About Signalling Whistles and Animal Calls, Annemies Tamboer looks at the bones fragments and hypotheses that these were used as wind instruments and suggests that because of “their sound-producing qualities and the context […] they once were used as animal calls.”

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