EXARC Journal Digest postponed

As postal services do not guarantee delivery for the time being, EXARC decided not to send our members the EXARC Journal Digest this Spring. However, if all goes well, we plan to bring you a new and thicker publication in Autumn. Articles already prepared for the Spring Issue will be published together with the best of journal 2020/2 and 2020/3. This will not be just an improvised solution for this year :-), but the result of a relaunch of our journal which we had planned already. Maybe this is a few months earlier than planned, but we want to use our time well during the pandemic to reevaluate what we do, and come with better solutions. We hope to also increase the number of pages from 60 to 90 pages a year.


Rest assured that the online Journal will remain running as usual, with probably towards 75 new articles this year.