EXARC Journal postponed

EXARC has been publishing an annual journal on archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology since 2004. A year ago, we decided to change the journal massively. These changes are stemming from a need to improve the journal, in order to respond even more to our readers’ wishes and suggestions. Another important reason for change was that we received many more articles than we could print, given the budget we had. We have therefore decided to change the journal into an online enterprise by subscription, publishing more often than previously. 

This will particularly be good news for book and conference reviews; we get the message out much faster! We endeavour to keep publishing a hard copy as well, but this will not include all the material published on line.

Changes have gone in steps, and that is the reason for the delay in publishing. We apologise for the fact that we have not published since April 2010 and hope you will, just as we do, look forward to the launch of our renewed EXARC Journal, autumn this year. If you have any questions, articles or remarks, please let us know.