EXARC Lead Partner in EU project RETOLD

Brussels deemed us worthy: the RETOLD Project gets green light!

EXARC leads the way in this documentation and digitising endeavour for open-air museums. In four years, with six partners and a budget of over 300,000 EUR we will develop methods of multimodal documentation which will be brought to the public by means of immersive digital storytelling. We will be happy to start by the end of 2020. 

The RETOLD project will ensure that open-air museums can continue telling important cultural heritage stories to a diverse public by developing a standardized workflow to collect, digitize, and publish data on buildings, crafts, and traditions. These data will be stored in an open access format so that museum professionals, researchers, and the public can access and use them freely. This will ensure better quality research through more comparable data, the preservation of tacit cultural heritage knowledge for the future, and opportunities for more engaging and impactful story-telling about cultural heritage to the general public.

The Creative Europe Project RETOLD has six partners: EXARC (lead partner), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (ES), Complexul National Muzeal ASTRA (RO), AÖZA gGMBH (DE), Nüwa Digital Media Content Production Studios Limited (IE) and Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin (DE).