EXARC makes Lecture on Tablet Weaving interactive

The Abbey at Lorsch is an important place to tell the story of the Early Middle Ages in Germany. Here you will find both an indoor and an outdoor museum. On June 13 & 14, Lorsch hosted a weekend on ancient textile techniques. This event took place in the outdoor centre, between the reconstructed Carolingian houses, but the grand final was online.

Dr. Katrin Kania presented a lecture on “Tablet Weaving - Process, Patterns and Possibilities". The lecture was published online and EXARC had the honor to host a watch party, combined with a live Question & Answer session with Dr Kania herself.

This session attracted many interested people from as far as Canada, Sweden and Italy. The interaction was very much appreciated. By going local as well as digital, our colleagues in Lorsch reached a larger and more diverse public than usual.