EXARCs Field Trip to England

In mid-February, a delegation from EXARC visited several people and places in England. We started with a visit to long-time member Butser Ancient Farm. With an eye on the reconstruction of a Neolithic longhouse underway, we discussed how the Farm has managed throughout its almost 50 years of existence. Many aspects of the work are well thought through but even so, the history of the farm is a chain of successes and failures, but Butser is still going strong!

The EXARC Chair and Secretariat then visited the University of Exeter, to discuss the organization of #EAC12, the large experimental archaeology conference, planned to take place in Spring 2021. The EAC is a unique possibility to meet many colleagues in the field of experimental archaeology, from many different walks of life and a high number of countries. The conference is well known for its open character. Although the #EAC is a success story, it is a big responsibility for the organisers. 

Following on these two visits, we also visited Luke Winter, an EXARC member with quite some experience. Together with Peter Inker (EXARC Board member and part of Colonial Williamsburg) and Rebecca Thornander (Network of European Museum Organisations), Luke will help EXARC and its members to set the first steps on the way towards reaching Sustainable Development Goals. Back in the EXARC office in the Netherlands, more people are working on this subject, including EXARC Team member María Josefina Villanueva ( 

Before the Secretariat returned to the EXARC office in the Netherlands, we used the opportunity to cooperate with the EXARC Chair Pascale Barnes, to prepare the Meeting in Berlin in March ( including the Annual General Meeting.