Going Digital as part of the Future

While others were celebrating Carnival elsewhere in Europe, a group of EXARC members and volunteers met in Zaandam (NL) to discuss how we can move things forward in a world where ‘going digital’ offers increasingly more options. 

It is very clear to EXARC, digital is a means, but not an end in itself. Our goals are to save information and make this available to all people in our professions around the world. Think of it as a collective memory which currently is scattered over a lot of places, people and other sources. 

There will not be one solution that fits all, and much is already happening, think of the EXARC Journal, the digital collection at tDAR and the register for archaeological experiments, and even something seemingly simple as ArcheoForum is part of our ideas. 

The upcoming EXARC conference on documentation strategies in (archaeological) open-air museums will be an excellent opportunity to discuss these matters with our fellow EXARC members as well as other museum professionals present. 

Do droop us a line if you are interested: