Improvements to the Journal

Aiming to improve the EXARC Journal, we have now included so-called persistent identifiers to each of the over 400 articles we published online. We used Archival Resource Keys (ARK’s). With the persistent identifiers, our articles will be easier to find and referred to. This is needed because the EXARC Journal attracts much more readers and authors than before. We expect to publish over 70 articles this year, all open access...

We are working hard to get the EXARC Journal listed in the official Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). For this we have to take 54 steps (!). These improvements will provide a more robust structure for the Journal. One of these more visible steps is that our articles now all have persistent identifiers, long lasting references. 

Also, our EXARC Journal articles will be digitally stored with the Royal Dutch Library so they remain accessible, even in the case that EXARC would seize to exist.