Improvements in Social Media 2020

EXARC has been more online this year than ever. Not only did we have many online activities, we also set up a social media team. Of course we are already active much longer, like on Twitter and LinkedIn since 2012, and on Facebook since 2010. But it was not until this year that we decided to step up – with the COVID crisis we were not going anywhere anyway.

So we had a meeting with Marjolein Hettinga, coach from the Communicatiehelpdesk in Leiden, and with Jennifer Beamer about YouTube and before we knew it, we had a team of 18 people working on the design, the messages, and specific requirements of LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram. We met with most of them over the past 6 months, many are completely new to EXARC or archaeology, but willing to help.

We can see the hard work already is paying off. We have almost 40,000 people subscribed to our channels, of which 25% joined us this year. Most newcomers joined our LinkedIn where we post our new members and also new jobs.  

Our posts on Instagram have become more attractive with a few people working on the graphic design, and of course a good selection of what fits better on Instagram than anywhere else is important. Popular events of our members are a good teaser here.

On YouTube we received over 15,000 views. We had 29 videos when we started the year, and we ended up with adding 74 videos alone in 2020! Our conferences attract a good audience, but especially short videos by our members, showing a smart technique or nice event work well. With our playlists, it is more easy to find things.

You can meet our team at